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Illusion Dawn

Illusion Dawn

March 1, 1997 - October 6, 2013

For nearly 17 years, she's been there. She was my baby, my familiar, my evil little demon. I held her moments after she was born, and I was still holding her moments after she was gone. Thankfully, it was quick. She was gone before the doctor was even finished the injection. The part that hurts is that I don't know how long it was after the stroke before I got home and found her. She was fine when we left for work this morning; and when I got home, she was scared and confused, unable to control her body. She didn't calm down until I picked her up, and wouldn't stay calm unless she was cuddled to my chest. She couldn't see, we weren't sure she could hear us, but she knew I had her and she was safe. And I kept her safe until the end.

I am completely lost right now. I'm sitting here, and there's no bundle of fur curled up on my shoulders, purring away. There won't be this streak of black insisting on getting into the bathtub after my shower to play in the puddle by the drain. No cat climbing into my hoodies to ride around on my shoulders as I walk around the house/yard/onetimethestore...

RIP, Illy. Drive some people nuts, cause trouble with Mama Blanca and Dementia, and don't go trying to knock the sword on my head with your ghostly self. It don't work so well when you're incorporeal.
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