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It's being used because I woke up to the dog being a bit... well, a lot of a pain in the ass. Illy wasn't looking good and was really lethargic. Said fuck it and took her into the 24 hour vet down the street because, hey, I can swallow $85 for an after hours fee for my cat.

$600 later, there has been a full blood panel, subcu fluids, injected antibiotics (to bring the 106 temp down quickly and rehydrate her), meds to give at home and a supplement to boost her immune system. Found out that it IS the upper respiratory infection, and that except for that, for a 6.7 pound, 13 year old cat, she is pretty damn healthy. No signs of any issues we may have to keep an eye out for in the short term.

But, I am $600 in the hole, and hopefully NOTHING currently pending goes through until the federal return and my paycheck clear Thurs and Fri. Of course, this means that I will most likely not be buying myself a pendragon, but maybe I can get a pirate bodice or something for my outfit.

Now, I try to claim my pillows from the pissed off black cat in the icon, without getting mauled too badly.


Nov. 7th, 2009 12:30 pm
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Illusion is fine. She has her usual meds again. She liked the vet, which is very unusually. So, all is well.


Nov. 7th, 2009 10:21 am
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This cat wants to steal your soul.

He is going to eat your soul.


Because cats can get H1N1

So can ferrets. (Two cases have been confirmed, one in Oregon, the other in Nebraska, both ferrets died.)

Eat. Your. Soul.

*stares at Illusion* They better not tell me she has H1N1 when we go in today.


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