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I no longer have a job.

See, I'm mediocre. I don't measure up. I'm not the best or good enough, and unless I want to try harder and be the best, I'm just mediocre. And mediocre isn't good enough.

Nevermind that the day she pulled up to PROVE this, was the day I was on Show, took just as many calls as everyone else, while setting up 80 FUCKING SHOWINGS between 2 and 7pm. That is 16 showings an hour, (which means taking the information from the showing agent, locating the address, following the directions to set up the showings, then email the listing agent, something that can take 30 seconds or 15 minutes) in addition to the 20 normal calls an hour. But, it doesn't show this. It only shows the INCOMING CALLS. So.

I am mediocre. I suck. Apparently, because I don't give my name on every call, chit chat with the caller, and laugh at every little thing they say, I'm not polite either.

Nevermind that there is no incentive to do this shit. We don't get pay raises, there's no 'cost of living' increase in that hellhole. We get paid 7.25 an hour. THE MINIMAL WAGE CAN INCREASE, but not them. There's no extra days off given. There is nothing.

I guess doing my job correctly and getting it done, doesn't count for much anymore. It only makes me mediocre.


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