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It's being used because I woke up to the dog being a bit... well, a lot of a pain in the ass. Illy wasn't looking good and was really lethargic. Said fuck it and took her into the 24 hour vet down the street because, hey, I can swallow $85 for an after hours fee for my cat.

$600 later, there has been a full blood panel, subcu fluids, injected antibiotics (to bring the 106 temp down quickly and rehydrate her), meds to give at home and a supplement to boost her immune system. Found out that it IS the upper respiratory infection, and that except for that, for a 6.7 pound, 13 year old cat, she is pretty damn healthy. No signs of any issues we may have to keep an eye out for in the short term.

But, I am $600 in the hole, and hopefully NOTHING currently pending goes through until the federal return and my paycheck clear Thurs and Fri. Of course, this means that I will most likely not be buying myself a pendragon, but maybe I can get a pirate bodice or something for my outfit.

Now, I try to claim my pillows from the pissed off black cat in the icon, without getting mauled too badly.
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Illusion was made of massive fail last night. She even knocked my cork board off the wall, and now a few things are missing. They're under the small bookcase or my nightstand, but I don't have the energy to look for them at the moment.

Massive headache of fail is still lingering. I want to crawl back under the covers and try to pretend it doesn't exist. Can't though, have to go to work. And after work, I have to go grocery shopping. Blegh.


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