Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:32 pm
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So, can anyone point me to the organ black market? I have an extra kidney to sell. Because I really want to go to D*C this year. Like, reallyreally.

Like, almost to the point of selling myself on Craigslist.

Because I really need a break. To have fun. And remember WHY I haven't killed anyone and plead guilty to premeditated homicide yet.
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No one ever thought to do a fucking FELV test on him. No one. Not when he was sick in Creston. Not when he was at the vet in Omaha and they did the damn surgery. Not us. Because everyone assumed that because he had his vaccinations and was up to date that he was fine.
(Or so I was told, there's a discrepency between Creston and Omaha that I'm not sure whether I want to let it go or call and yell at people. Creston is saying '05, Omaha is saying he wasn't due until later this year.)

I took him in thinking it was a liver or kidney infection at worst, a bad tooth at best. I came home empty handed. He was just lethargic and out of sorts and not wanting to eat a whole lot. I found out that he was so fucking anemic that he shouldn't have been able to stand, let alone wander around the office. He crashed even further while they were running the tests.

Mayhem died of FELV, and he probably got it from his mother.

Do me a favor, get your cat tested, even if they've been current on their vaccinations since birth.


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