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First off, bachelor pads that are nothing more than pig sties with nearly a quarter inch of soap scum and calcium buildup on the shower walls and doors (to the point that the glass doors looked solid white) and grease buildup on the hood of the stove so thick that I'm going to need a scrapper when we go back, should be illegal. Seriously. This was... The kitchen sinks were were clogged up at the drains so badly that they had poked a hole through the crap with a screwdriver for the water to drain through.

So, I needed to vent some frustration, but when I got home I remembered the only Sims game I have anymore is Castaway Stories. (Sims 3 was... had, but was taken off when I did a system restore before Flyboy was held hostage by the pawn shop, and now I don't have it.) It's rather hard to kill people on Castaway Stories.

So, I am expanding threads in the POST O'DOOM over at Fandom High, so that I can save the whole post and read it at home. If wacky future AU kids at Disneyland can't cheer me up, nothing will.

Still need to get Sims 3. Hopefully before the new expansion pack comes out. Yes, they already have ads up for the EP on the Sims sites. It's a 'Around The World' vacation type.
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My birthday is June 3rd. Someone should buy me this.

Really. I mean, it's a perfect birthday gift!


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