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Jan. 27th, 2010 05:49 pm
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I am so, so fucking tired. Just, want-to-curl-up-and-sleep-for-a-week, tired. And I know it's not going to get any better any time soon.

Di had a stress test on her heart, something they scheduled after her a-fib event at New Year's. During the 'bubble test' (this thing they do with saline to make sure they can use the dye) before the echocardiogram, they found she had a hole in her heart, between the ventricles. She was told that it was no big deal, it happens more often than people think, and it wouldn't be an issue, but they couldn't use the dye.

Well, apparently, her primary care doc looked it over, spoke with a couple of cardiologists at the hospital where the clinic is at, and they've decided that yes, it is an issue and they're going to have to fix it.

She goes in the 3rd to see the cardiologist and find out when it's going to be done, and what exactly they're going to do. I guess it's going to be the procedure where they snake a line up through the artery in the groin and do some sort of patching thing with super-uber-tiny umbrellas.

(Yes, I'm totally going to play that damn Rihanna song before her surgery.)

Of course, it also means that it's that much longer before she can look for a job.

So, that means I keep working as many hours as I can to keep us afloat, and not get behind in my classes. (And I've already missed my first Environmental Biology class, because I didn't have gas money to put in the work car to get back and forth to campus.)

And I know that I've sucked on RP the last... several months, but I don't think people understand exactly what I do for a job. Yes, I clean houses, but that doesn't mean I just go in and dust a little and vacuum the floor. No, we clean. Floors are scrubbed on hands and knees. I climb up and down ladders to clean cabinets and shelves and ceiling fans. I vacuum. I scrub showers and toilets and baseboards. Sometimes we have to clean blinds and windows. And this isn't just one house. There are days when I clean four houses, all the same way. There are days when I come home and just collapse. I don't have the energy to play Sims 3, which I've loaded up exactly once since I bought it at Christmas, let alone work up the brain power for decent rp. Most days I come home, curl up to watch television and try to stay awake long enough to eat dinner, only to go to bed, get up at 6am and do it all over again.

So, whining over with now. I need to check on my dinner and hope that I can even get to my first job tomorrow, because we're calling for rain and I have to drive through four washes just get to the house.


Nov. 16th, 2009 09:21 pm
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I just realized that it's been a week since I updated last. I blame the job that never ends and leaves me pretty much exhausted. I've been mostly coming home, reading a bit and then going to bed, only to get up in the morning and do it again. Not even my days off have really been days off because there are things around the house to do.

Of course, this last Sunday was spent recovering from a grout cleaning job, which left my forearms in lots of pain.

Tonight, I decided not to watch Heroes. I'll catch up on it later this week. I also have NCIS Los Angeles to catch up on, like a whole seasons worth.

And I owe someone fic, but I lost the vibe I had for it, so I might have to scrap&rewrite or do something else. I don't know. I have Wednesday off, so I'll catch up on things then. Maybe. I'm not sure. I'm barely making the minimums on my rp.

Tired again.

. . .

Oct. 31st, 2009 08:44 pm
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Halloween... has been a bust. I worked my ass off yesterday, and then went to a Halloween party. Today, I worked nine hours, but with the commute and everything was gone closer to twelve. Which means I am dead tired. Online long enough to check on my farm and my fishtanks, and then I think I'm going to bed. Decided not to go to the Rocky Horror Show over at the Loft, because of the previous mentioned tired.

So, yeah. Going to sit here, watch Rocky at home and have hot chocolate and Hershey bars and go to bed.


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