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I wish I was making that shit up. The Sawmill Fire here in Southern Arizona has already burned over 47,000 acres, and is still burning. This is a current map of the fire. (Warning, it's a bit big.) Tucson is northwest of the fire by about 40 miles.

This fire was started by an off-duty Border Patrol Agent, who was shooting at explosive targets, during a red flag warning day. According to the National Weather Service, "A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring or are imminent. A combination of strong winds and low relative humidities can contribute to extreme fire behavior." Alerts like this have been going out for weeks. Yes, this fool tried to put it out and immediately called 911, but he has ultimately lost his job. People and animals, many of them livestock and horses because that is ranch country, have been displaced. An entire town has been evacuated and two others are on pre-evacuation notice.

There are easier, and less costly ways to quit one's job.

And a job is something I'm still looking for. I've been without one since just before Halloween. I moved to Arizona in February after finding out that a)my rent was going up in my house and there was no way I was going to afford it on my own, and b) my brother was planning to move in with his girlfriend, and there was no way I was living with them and five kids, three of which are under the age of seven. So I moved to Tucson with my mother, which I had been planning on anyway, but just a lot sooner than I had planned, and without any money to float me.

Which, is hard. She's paying for everything (Yay for Obamacare, I at least have medical right now.), but it's still hard that she's covering my portion of rent and utilities and buying food and... I've put in close to sixty job apps, and only managed to get two interviews. This isn't counting the crap I was going through back in Iowa when I moved in with my brother and she was paying for my stuff then too.

Finding a job was a lot easier six years ago.
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