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So, the first set of pictures has been downloaded from family, uploaded and descriptions put in.

You know, my brother's wedding wasn't fancy, it was actually pretty casual for the most part, the cakes weren't $100+ creations made by a bakery and there was no decorator in sight. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, was donated. Rhona, the minister who performed the ceremony gave Manna the dress, and her church donated the tables and chairs for them to use. A friend of Manna's brother let them use his HUGE! yard for it to take place in and let them use his kitchen to store and keep the food that was made by family. (It was mostly a potluck.) My mom and Aunt Tyann spent the last week making the cake, and then Di about had a breakdown yesterday morning when the final batch of buttercream frosting refused to set right or go on the main wedding cake right. But, the cakes were done.

The point is, that the wedding was fun. The ceremony itself went off without a hitch, even though the rehearsal was a disaster apparently. And the reception ended like all family gatherings that include my brothers and their friends, with a waterfight. :D

So what if my dad and GranJo didn't show up. No one missed them.

First round of pictures.


Jun. 13th, 2009 10:32 am
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Wedding is happening today. I thought I was okay with not going, but now I'm sort of unhappy about it.

I'd go to the zoo and wander around except that a) it's a weekend, b) my camera is in Omaha to film the wedding, and c) well, the zoo here is tiny. Really tiny. I literally walked around the whole thing in an hour. And there's really no little nooks to sit and veg like at Henry Doorley Zoo. :(

I may say screw it and go wander around Fourth Ave and Downtown. I don't know.

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So, late last night, (Two hours late) my little brother, his fiance, my uncle (dad's little brother) and his significant other showed up to pick up me, my mom and the two dogs to go back to Omaha for my brother's wedding.

Nothing in this family can happen without a clusterfuck. )This also means I have the house to myself until at least the 22nd. This should be interesting.

Also, I stayed up until 9am, and am now just waking up.


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